Hate crime & hate related incidents

Castle Point and Rochford Community Safety Partnership works alongside Rochford District Council to reduce occurrence of all hate crimes and provide an appropriate response to any reports received. Alongside all the relevant agencies the council actively encourages the reporting of hate crimes and incidents.

The Home Office defines a hate crime as any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based upon the victim's:

  • Disability
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity

The experience of hate crime can be actual or perceived, and can include:

  • Verbal abuse, threats, insults, nuisance telephone calls, name calling and every other form of verbal harassment
  • Physical assaults and physical violence which can vary from pushing to serious attacks
  • Attacks against someone's property, for example insulting graffiti, vandalism, breaking windows, theft, damaging cars and arson
  • Publishing and disseminating materials such as leaflets and newspapers that are likely to incite hate crime is also a criminal offence
  • Age and gender discrimination

Frequently hate crime attacks can be a combination of the above. This can occur for instance in neighbour disputes when both verbal insults and property damage occurs, or bullying at school which consists of name-calling and physical abuse.

Often hate crimes occur when people are not aware of all of the facts. They may be reacting to what they see or hear through the media or from their friends and family. Often people don't realise that they cause harassment and distress to people by their actions. Some people carry out hate crimes because their friends tell them to or the people around them think it's a good idea.


Many hate crimes go unreported because people do not always know how to report it. Victims may feel embarrassed or even scared they will be attacked again. Sometimes they are worried at how they will be treated by the police or other authorities. But without reports, hate crime can become worse and it's far harder to stop those responsible.


Hate crime is unacceptable behaviour and should not be tolerated in our communities. Without reports from witnesses the chances of catching those responsible are greatly reduced. Your report will help us act to stop those committing these offences.

How to report

If you are a victim or witness of a hate crime or incident you should report it. All reports will be treated seriously.

In an emergency always dial 999, for all other incidents you can call Essex Police on their non-emergency number 101

Tell the police what has happened and why you think it is a hate crime.

If you do not have the confidence to talk to the police you can report it on-line at using the link to True Vision in Related Content or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, for incidents which may involve council premises, services or personnel, you can call Rochford District Council on 01702 318103 or you can report to Rochford District Council online.

Your information will be treated in confidence and will be used to provide a co-ordinated response to hate crimes within the district. Please remember that in order to investigate properly any reported hate crime, we will need your co-operation.

Amongst other places, hate crime can also be reported to one of the following:

  • Your registered social landlord
  • Private landlord
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • A solicitor

Please do not suffer in silence.

Can I remain anonymous?

If you don't give us your details we can't get in touch to give you support, get the police involved, prosecute those responsible or give you advice and information. But you don't have to tell us who you are or where you live. By giving us the information about what happened, you are helping us to see what's going on in Rochford so that we can tackle the problems.

What are we doing?

We work in partnership with Essex Police, Victim Support and other statutory and voluntary sector groups to prevent and reduce hate crime by:

  • Holding meetings with partner agencies to provide support for victims, tackle perpetrators and share information across different agencies.
  • Working closely with Essex Police's Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime Unit, to develop strategies and engage with communities.
  • Providing a specialist hate crime support service through Victim Support Essex which offers practical and emotional support to victims in person or by phone (0300 303 0165).

Reporting a hate crime online

This hate crime reporting form has been produced to assist the recording and reporting of a hate crime. You may use this form if you have been the victim or a witness to a hate crime. Your information will be treated in confidence and will be used to provide a co-ordinated response to hate crimes within Rochford. Please remember that in order to investigate properly any reported hate crime, we will need to be able to contact you to discuss the incident.